Продается дом 250м2 на участке 17ари

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ID nekretnine : 1353

Продажа 60,000.00 €  

Quality interior materials, furniture and appliances. Video surveillance, alarm, automatic searchlights, inverter air conditioning, Internet and television, landline telephone, fireplace. A total of about 60 m2, on the ground floor there is a 2.5 bedroom apartment (living room with kitchen and dining room) + two separate bedrooms + bathroom + terrace + basement + attic. In the living room is a fireplace. The fireplace attic also heats the attic. All rooms are equipped with furniture and cabinets, shelves. Blinds and shutters on the windows. Bathroom with shower and boiler. Waterproofing is done before laying the tiles. Basement waterproofing, floor and wall tiles. With metal shelving. Water supply is carried out in two ways: a) water from the city network; b) water from the well through a submersible pump connected to the network, In addition to this house, a total of 7 auxiliary facilities for the future restaurant, winery, distillery, workshop … are listed on the site … A large family house can be built above it.

Место расположения